How to Determine a Pure CBD Oil

It can be challenging determining if a CBD oil is pure or not because there is no real set of guidelines about the purity or composition of CBD oils. It is not simple and easy to measure CBD oil purity. There are a lot of products in the market claiming to contain pure CBD oil, whereas others have labels saying "99% pure". However, there are few things you can consider to get an idea of a CBD oil product's true purity. When shopping for CDB oil products, you have to check the exact formulation whether it comes in suspension or extract. A CBD oil extract is made of extracted CBD oil from hemp plants, whereas suspension is an extract mixed with an oil, thus an extract possess higher purity levels than suspension. Learn more now!

Be mindful of the oil used because some CBD products market themselves as pure CBD oil but they are actually referring to the hemp CBD extract that is suspended in oil (suspension). The oil may not actually obtain from the hemp, which is considered a "filter oil", and not at all a pure CBD oil. It is also crucial to know the method of extraction used when shopping for a genuine 100% pure CBD oil because some companies use toxic solvents in manufacturing CBD oil. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction is one method used in preserving the hemp plant's cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes for a healthier CBD oil. The process includes using carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperatures for isolating the CBD oil, thus maintaining its purity. This extraction method is more expensive but it ensures the best CBD oil purity and quality. There are different sources of CBD oil, and the type of soil in which it was grown and the farming procedures all contribute to the quality of the final product. An overly polluted soil is more likely to yield a hemp plant with high levels of mercury or lead. The best quality hemp plant comes from farms using organic fertilizers. Click for more info.

Vaping CBD oil is an enjoyable experience, and choosing a pure CBD oil can help you get away with toxic chemicals because of poor manufacturing. Allow us to help you get the highest quality CBD oil for your vape pen today! Check us out now on our website and get to learn more about CBD wax, CBD tincture, and CBD shatter! We are dedicated and committed to providing the best CBD oil vaping experience to you ever!
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